Joseph Pace Archive (#JPA) was founded in 2008 in Rome, with the goal of archive, preserve, protect and promote Joseph Pace’s artistic production. The Archive has gradually transformed changing location according to needs: from Rome; to São Paulo; to Rome; to Tunis, and now in Rome again.

The Archive wants to be a place open to rereading Twentieth and Twenty-first centuries art and the creativity of young artists, a collective vital experience/space for all those who love art. An important part of the Archive is also responsible for the conservation of the Joseph Pace works and their restoration, placing itself as the primary representative for collectors, professionals and institutions.

Joseph Pace Archive, consist of experts from different sectors, aims both of cataloging, archiving, preserving and authenticating Joseph Pace’s works, analyzing the entire production and organizing it according to scientific and definitive parameters, both to protect Pace’s artistic research and to promote it through ongoing and future projects to be developed with public and private institutions of proven scientific and cultural level, and finally to disseminate the language through not only known press and web channels, but also with innovative communication systems and sophisticated technological resources.

The Archive reflects the vastness of Pace’s artistic practices: there are materials related to his sculptural and painter work, graphics, multiples, drawings, design studies, set designs and applied arts. His handwritten notes and manuscripts, as well as his correspondence with artists and important cultural figures are also preserved and digitized.