Filtranisme Movement

We all are unwitting heroes. Joseph Pace

Le filtranisme, the filterism, is an avant-guarde neo-existentialist artistic and philosophical movement that originates in France in the mid-’1980s. The first manifesto was published at the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris July 1987. The word filter comes from the Latin filtrum and the French filtre. Its key figures are Joseph Pace, doctor Jean-Marc Mayenga, and the poet Pablo Maria Landi.

Intellectuals and artists, such as Kurt Heinrich Wolff, Jacques Garelli, Emanoel Araujo, Mariastella Margozzi, Emanuel von Lauenstein Massarani, Matilde Amaturo, Albert Russo, Lara Anniboletti, Alberto Izzo and Pino Procopio, have all been intrested on filtranisme.

Joseph Pace is the leading figure of this artistic and philosophical neo existentialist movement. As was for the existentialism of Jean-Paul Sartre and Albert Camus, the filtranisme also is artistically expressed through the work by Joseph Pace.

For Joseph Pace, “the man is crossed by the nature as well as by the society”. Noting that: “Cultural, historical, social and visual filters underlie each individual and determine their existence. To live we must all receive something from outside. This is a need that we cannot satisfy alone. And our brain activities are consistent with the cultural and visual information we receive.”

Art therefore refers to culture, but this in turn refers to society. Individuals, therefore, think, influence and live through a constantly changing reality and through a process of continuous balance and homeostasis.

Explaining: To live, man must constantly filter air, water, food, as well as politics, economics, love. It is therefore a philosophy of balance and homeostasis based on the compartmental model and according to which “man is a membrane”.

Filtranism arises from the awareness that the individual acts, thinks and lives within partially crystallized models, which are indeed the result of the interaction of men, but which, in relation to the individual, acquire an independent reality which gives him pre-exists and which conditions it in all aspects of its existence.

Noting that: “The fact of filtering depicts the universalization of the unconscious thought made up of the impulses of unconscious heroes. What all living beings therefore have in common is the fundamental and transcendent fact that the capacity to filter, the attitude of being a filter, precedes essence.”

Intellectuals and artists such as Emanoel Araujo, Jacques Garelli, Mariastella Margozzi, Matilde Amaturo, Lara Anniboletti, Umberto Pappalardo, Kurt Heinrich Wolff, Emanuel von Lauenstein Massarani, Albert Russo, Alberto Izzo, Pino Procopio, have all been intrested on filtranisme.

Joseph Pace Explains Filtranisme | Forte Sangallo 
Video by Bruno Zarzaca