Joseph Pace, Ave Crux, Spes Una
From November 2 to December 31 2021
Locations: Basilica of Santo Stefano in Lucina, Rome

After the Pantheon, Basilica in Santo Stefano in Lucina in Rome will present the travelling solo exhibition of contemporary Italian artist Joseph Pace. The major new show will include more than 12 new works from Pace’s Midas series coming from Pace’s Pantheon exhibition, featuring sculptures made from vintage fashion jewellery.

    The exhibition, curated by Emanuel von Lauenstein Massarani, presents twelve works by Joseph Pace all made with found and industrial recycled objects, such as crucifixes, rare miscellaneous pearls and bijoux, primarily vintage, that the artist collected worldwide. With this solo exhibition, Joseph Pace intends to draw attention to the values of faith and spirituality, according to the artist, the last bastions of human freedom.

    Among the works in the catalog, the “Astylar Cross of the Pantheon”, the large processional cross, which is Pantheon’s permanent art collection.

    Pace’s works are created with found objects and thousands of rare pieces of costume jewelry, primarily vintage, which the artist collected worldwide, thus creating a sort of “Industrial Archeology Research” applied to the decoration of the body of our times. Pace’s work reflects a refined and aestheticizing language with which the artist reinterprets many of our psychic realities. Inspired by different sources such as hight fashion, history and decorative arts, the artist uses different techniques influenced by the iconography of mass society, philosophy and psychoanalysis. Joseph Pace is one of the the leading exponents of “filtranisme”, the philosophical and artistic neo existentialist current that he founded in Paris in the mid 80s. His work is part of an artistic and intellectual path through which the artist reinterprets our deepest psychic realities.